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Help us impact lives through the game of golf!

Our mission is simple … By inspiring and directing the resources of our golfing community, we will positively impact the lives of youth, military, and diverse populations by enabling access to PGA Professionals, PGA facilities and the game of golf.

In 2023, we will affect over 800 children between ages 7 - 19, of all playing abilities and backgrounds, throughout Eastern & Central Missouri, and Central & Southern Illinois. It's not about golf; it's about kids. Our goal is to keep youth in school by helping to enable academic and post-secondary opportunities through programs and initiatives tied to the game of golf.

Our military programming, facilitated through PGA HOPE, is intended to improve active duty military, and veterans quality of life by enhancing their physical, mental, social and emotional well being through multi-week golf education programming culminating in comradery driven tournament play.

Through our Diversity programming, we aim to establish a network of diverse talent from non-traditional golf backgrounds who are able to ascend to key employment positions in the golf industry. Our purpose is to demonstrate that the game of golf can impact people and communities outside the traditional confines of the game.